BBA showcase at LA Fashion Market

BBA Showroom  at The Style Room LA -CMC 

By Sandra Louiakis



Bikini Beach Australia debuts in Los Angeles with an all-new showroom at the California Market Center!

The California Market Center (or CMC for short), located in the center of Los Angeles, is the largest showroom space on the west coast, and it was recently renewed with a 200 million USD rebuild. This allows for the many events that happen throughout the year, including the awaited Market Weeks, now being able to have more space, more sponsors, and more experiences. More space = more to see and enjoy!





Being at the center of the west coast fashion industry, the newly renewed CMC is a space that hosts Fashion Showrooms and events in building C, Creative Offices in building A and B, restaurants, retail openings, a new Rooftop Terrace for shows, and additional events on the reimagined Plaza.

In order to bring you this showroom experience, Bikini Beach partnered up with Sandra Loulakis to display their products in the showroom formerly known as Sandra Loulakis Showroom, now named The Style Room LA. They’re innovating with a new name and debuting a fresh range of new brands in addition to the already impressive brand roster. BBA’s showroom can be found in C476, 4th floor. 

The Style Room carries designer names such as Adore, Bikini Beach Australia, Coco Bombay, Corner of Peace & Love, Didi Jewelry, Furious Fur, IPNG, Lahive, Lizou Collection Jewelry, MJD Jewelry, Mozzafiati, Nu Look Fashions, Origin Jewelry. 

With Bikini Beach Australia as an addition to the showroom, there’s a little bit of everything that goes along the wild side BBA babes often look out for!


Hayman Island One Piece in Sea Serpent Reversible – Bikini Beach Australia

This showroom, and others, were a part of the “New Resort & Better Women” Collection that was shown at the Market Week, but the showroom opened prior to the recent Market Week event.

As always, make sure to keep in touch through BBA’s socials! They are always looking for the best ways to get closer to you, and be able to bring fashion to your bikini needs!