Bella Model Management Partners with Bikini Beach Australia

South Beach Catwalk - SLS Poolside Opening Show

Miami Swim Week 2021


by Eleonora Fleischmann


Shark Bay Reversible bikini worn by Tawny Jordan for bikini beach aus runway 

Tawny Jordan | Getty Images



2021 has definitely been a busy one for BBA! 


We couldn’t have received such a great response to our many initiatives, had it not been for our many collaborations and beautiful partnerships. One in particularly that is dear to us is the with Bella Model Management.



Edwin Alvarado



Tawny Jordan Ring; the internationally published model, founder and CEO of Bella Model Management, has put together an amazing team at Bella Model Management. Tawny created the agency at twenty-six years old, presenting an impressive entrepreneurial drive for her passion in the fashion and modeling space.  She has since acquired an audience on Instagram and other social media networks combined of over 900,000 followers and has agency representation in multiple states across the US.


But numbers aside, the agency’s professionalism and high quality offerings made them a true pleasure to work.  Bikini Beach partnered with Tawny's team during Miami Swim Week at our opening runway show to kick off the Swim Week festivities at SLS Hotel in South Beach.  

Bella Model Management helped us kick of the crazy week in our latest collections on the runway.  Showing off our Shark Bay design and opening the catwalk show with their beautiful team.  



Shark Bay Gold Dust | Pearl



Without a doubt they put the “Bella” factor into Miami Swim Week as they took over the South Beach catwalk.


We look forward to 2022 and a continued partnership with Bella Model Management.   Bella-BBA moments are in store this season!  Look out for our latest collaborations with Bella Model Management and what we have to offer in this exciting new year.  


Jonny Underwood 



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