Pink Is Stronger Than You Think

Lets Stand Together this October and Support the National Breast Cancer Foundation 

by Nicki Crozier



As most of you gorgeous humans know by now, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Here at Bikini Beach Australia, we want to take a moment to inform everyone about what that truly means and ways we can reduce our risks of being diagnosed.


Jocelyn Binder | Pinky Beach Flamingo

What is breast cancer? We think we all know, but let’s get down to what is actually happening to our bodies when we go through this tricky disease. The National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc, says that “Cancer is a broad term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy cells in the body. Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast as a group of cancer cells that can then invade surrounding tissues or spread to other areas of the body.” Basically, cancer is a thief that takes over your healthy cells and really has no true course of action. It can take over other cells and parts of the body, so it really is something we should all try to avoid at all costs if possible.

Studies have shown that 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer at some point throughout their life. You may even know someone or be someone that has been through it. What that means is that we all have been touched by it and know the seriousness of this disease. To give ourselves the best defense possible, here are some great habits you can easily put into place in your daily life. They are as follows: drink in moderation, avoid smoking, maintain a healthy body weight, be physically active, and lastly, eat your fruits and vegetables. But wait, I thought you said this would be easy?? It is! Let’s break this list down. We know that we shouldn’t smoke and should only drink in moderation. Those two should be the no-brainer way to limit the risks of breast cancer. The other three take a little more effort but go together so well that it’s crazy! If you make a choice to maintain a healthy body weight, the way you go about that is to eat healthy and exercise. Do you need to be a gym rat who counts calories every spare second? The answer is, you can if that’s what you like doing, but you can also make a few small changes to strengthen your defense against breast cancer. A good example of a healthier & fun day starts with a nice breakfast; anything high in protein like eggs or a shake are a great start, but don’t forget some fruit as well. You could then put on your favorite Bikini Beach Australia apparel and head to the beach for some fun in the sun! Maybe you go with friends and play a game of frisbee or football. If it’s a solo trip, I find a long walk on the beach is enough to get my heart rate up and pumping. You always need snacks at the beach so why not go with some vegetables or maybe even your favorite green drink from the local bodega. Follow up with a delicious dinner, fish and other lean proteins are always a good bet and don’t forget those vegetables! Maybe air fry your favorite veggie or make a killer salad! And that’s it! Fabulous day accomplished, while reducing your risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer! It’s a win, win! Let’s do this babes!

In honor of the dedicated members of the National Breast Cancer Foundation BBA will be donating to the association on every purchase made until the end of October.  In addition to this donation all of our Pink items in store will be 50% off until the end of October.  If you would still like to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation our designer and director, Alex Abraham has a donation link for her October birthday where you can donate to the cause.  


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Donate here for Alex's Birthday to Support! We are stronger together!