A December note from the BBA Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves


"Treat every day like Christmas." 



by Eleonora Fleishmann


In a far, far away land; under the warm sunlight and next to the rolling ocean waves, a hidden place has existed since the dawn of time. It’s the BBA Christmas Cave!


Legend goes that tired of the cold and snow, Santa packed his workshop and moved Down Under. Unsure about the time ahead, Rudolf and the rest of the gang retired and moved to Greenland. A mob of Kangaroos presented themselves at Santa’s new doorstep prepared for the tough interview and valiant road ahead…. Few hops and a skip later they were hired. And so intrigued by the opportunity and warmer weather, the elves relocated in their new workshop. They rolled up their sleeves and started the in on the Christmas spirit. 


Since then, the BBA Elves have been known to cut cloth, create intricate designs and splash new all colors and prints.


Check out the latest in our Collection Launch this silly season from our favorite elves ....


Ibiza Marble Festival Dress





Magnetic Island Reversible Bikini in Animale Glitterati | Wolf




Daydream Island Reversible Bikini in Pink Sea Serpent | Taffy



Daydream Island Reversible Bikini in Dark Animale | Gunmetal


At the back of the workshop, Santa sipping on a cold brew; comfortably in his crocs, reading Christmas wishes and makes his lists. The crew has relocated, but the requests never stopped:

Whitehaven Animale to Rome [Avaryana Rose]


Diamond Bay in Glitterati to Vancouver


 Emerald Beach Reversible bikini in Astral | Nude

Emerald Beach in Astral to Miami [Oumie]


… on and on and…

Have you written your 2021 Letter to Santa? Which bikini would you pencil in for it to appear under your Christmas Tree?

One, two, twenty… put your order in… The elves are ready!


Happy Holidays from Bikini Beach to all!