BBA's Latest 2021 Partnership with CTRL Cosmetics

 CTRL Cosmetics partnership with bikini beach australia


Fashion and wellness have never looked better. Bikini Beach Australia and CTRL Cosmetics announced their collaboration this July in the best way they know how. Miami Swim Week 2021 saw the launch of the new partnership between the brands, during a two-day press event that delivered the news in style.


CTRL Cosmetics marked their presence at BBA’s “The Shows” Miami Swim Week Runway, one of the fashion soirée’s distinguished events at SLS South Beach. The beauty brand provided products included in the fashion show gift bags, as well as exclusive VIP goodies for special guests - and they didn’t stop there. As the sponsors of Splash Lounge - Bikini Beach Australia’s pop-up shopping event - CTRL Cosmetics made a special appearance, continuing to give away gifts and prizes at the press event that followed.



Bikini Beach Australia Poolside Catwalk during Miami Swim Week

Alex Hamilton Island & Claudia Hayman Island


Launched to the public in August of 2019, the women-led Florida-based cosmetics brand has won over countless clients nation-wide, with gentle and natural skincare products that really work.  Bikini Beach Australia; also being women owned was delighted to partner with such an iconic Miami label for their outdoor fashion show.


Miami Swim Week outdoor runway of Bikini Beach Australia

 Shaunice Pinky Beach & Gabriella Lucky Bay 


For CTRL Cosmetics Founder Nina Steinberg, skincare has always been personal. Having dealt with personal struggles involving skin sensitivities, Steinberg took it upon herself to find the best way of caring for sensitive skin in a simple and effective way, sans irritable ingredients and unnecessary add-ons. Both her mission and her passion for this industry continue to inform her success with CTRL today, a company aiming to make a difference.


Rage reviews from a now loyal client base leave no doubt as to whether CTRL's methods are working, and it's easy to see why. Luxury products at affordable price points or effective skincare with transparent, natural ingredients - whichever way you put it, CTRL Cosmetics is proof that you can do it all. 

Alex Abraham designer for Bikini Beach Australia

Muxe New York & Bikini Beach Aus finale collection collaboration 

The brand continues to reinforce the elements that really do matter, evolving in the beauty industry and living up to its clean skincare principles. Targeting both men and women in search for that healthy glow, CTRL Cosmetics is well on its path towards continuous growth. A list of natural extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins used in CTRL products are all listed on their website, making it simple and easy to see just what goes on in your beloved skincare routine. 


Bikini Beach Australia and CTRL Cosmetics share in their goal to empower. In a world that rightfully prioritizes self-care, fashion and wellness go hand-in-hand in the mission to inspire confidence. As a designer label, BBA deeply values the collaboration with the skincare brand, working effectively towards bringing only the best to its customers and supporters.