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 Bikini Beach Australia Entered The Virtual Catalogues Of Fashwire


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by Konstantina Antoniadou



We've been totally smitten with Fashwire’s ever-growing directory of contemporary designers for quite some time. So much so, that we decided to be a part of it. Bikini Beach Australia is happy to announce the new partnership with the Fashwire app.


Over the past few years, Bikini Beach has been on a mission to completely reinvent the metaphorical designer swimwear wheel in an effort to encompass what warm-weather bliss is all about; embracing the unmetered wanderlust and getting lost in the sun’s euphoric glister.


Celebrating the importance of universal inclusivity and diversity every step of the way, Fashwire’s carefully curated virtual catalog of 30,000+ products, sourced from over 400 contemporary designers and brands from 40+ countries boasts versatile, all-year-round wardrobe staples and on-trend pieces worthy of your future sartorial experiments.


Hailed as a prominent example of leadership, resilience, and innovation, Fashwire won first place in the category of ‘women in business’ at the 2021 Go Global Awards. We can’t help but admire like-minded female-led startups!


Browsing Fashwire’s e-shelves you can spot several of Bikini Beach Australia's most loved reversible designer swimwear styles ready to adorn your sun-soaked curves with vivid hues that surely won’t go unnoticed. Check out these styles below;


Hayman Glitterati one piece bikini beach aus
Hayman Island in Animale Glitterati | Miami Florida 

BBA models in sorrento  

Olivia & Elsa | Casey Proban | Sorrento Marble | Red | Miami USA 



One-piece designer swim deserves a place in every beach capsule. Between Hayman Island’s high waist cheeky cut bottom and oh-so-hot plunging neckline, we guarantee that you'll be getting all the compliments. 


As for the statement-making Sorrento, let’s just say that the low back thick strap detail and high 80's cut waist will enhance your beach babe aesthetic no matter if you love marble and red or Calcutta and black.


Shark bay reversible Bikini bikini beach aus
Maddie Neville | Jade Piper | Shark Bay in Liquid Silver | Gold Coast Aus


Arielle Spring | Magnetic Island in Liquid Silver | Aukland New Zealand 



Get ready for people to stop and stare when you step out soaked in dazzling liquid silver. Consider it as the ideal way to show off your enviable tan. If you are a fan of high waist cheeky cut bottoms and tops with intricate details, these designer swimwear styles are definitely for you.


Grab Shark Bay and switch between Liquid Silver and Onyx or opt for Magnetic Island just in time for afternoon cocktails at the beach. Who wouldn’t adore Liquid Silver and Marble or Animale Glitterati and Robin's Egg Wolf?


Pinky Beach Bikini in Flamingo Reversible – Bikini Beach Australia


Jocelyn Binder | Caleb Chic | Pinky Beach in Tanned | Bora Bora


Strappy-everything has been at the forefront of the fashion sphere for quite a while. The  Pinky Beach bikini will surely tick all your warm-weather style boxes. Blame it on the cheeky cut and the adjustable triangle top, or simply of its ability to offer look-at-me-know Pink moments, as well as chic Tan looks. One thing is certain; you’ll look absolutely incredible in it.


Our Bikini Beach Australia designer swimwear staples are now on the Fashwire app, ready to adhere to your future sun-soaked adventures.  Happy Shopping BBA Babes!