Discover our Hamilton Island Bikini - Now upgraded to Reversible!

As the spring season draws to a close, we want to welcome summer with a bang. We are thrilled to have released the latest design details to our No1 BBA-favourite Hamilton Island Bikini. A bikini with a smoothly elegant silhouette giving an athleisure feel is now fully reversible to instantly switch into a dramatic look in our best liquid black fabric. The Reversible Hamilton Island Bikini not only will enhance your everyday swimwear but also your streetwear. By only combining a few layerings to your Hamilton as a base outfit, you can open doors to limitless styling possibilities, becoming an essential piece to your closet. 

Professional Dancer posing to the side in black reversible hamilton island

All of our swimwear designs take inspiration and are named after Australia's stunning beaches, where Alex Abraham travelled and explored to bring its elements into BBA's custom-made pieces. Enamoured by Hamilton Island's tropical coastline and its diverse personality of wild nature and elegant glamour-- our Reversible Hamilton Island bikini is born, mirrored in its flexible design.

Hamilton is the largest island in Queensland, Australia. Known for its towering palm trees, dense bushlands, and turquoise waters, it's the perfect place for those seeking a natural paradise filled with adventure. From soaking up the sun in an idyllic cove to engaging in exciting sports such as snorkelling or parasailing and exploring its fascinating fauna and flora. But this island is not only about nature and adventure-- Hamilton also boasts a glamorous edge, stacked with high-end boutiques, luxury resorts and chic beach clubs.

The island's rich personality shines in this bikini-favourite, with its improved and added fully reversible design from solid black onyx to a sleek liquid black. It features a high-waist bottom and a high neckline crop top with mesh panel details, creating a contrasting texture between fabric and skin.

The silhouette is made with high-quality spandex polyester, giving it a smooth feel and impressing a sense of sport and athleisure. It was designed to fit and flatter diverse body shapes and sizes, as BBA wants to celebrate the female form by elevating each of women's unique beauty, creating pieces that make us feel empowered and sexy.