Happy Harmony Week from BBA to Aus

F R O M    B I K I N I    B E A C H    H A P P Y   

H A R M O N Y    W E E K


By Eleonora Fleischmann


panama photoshoot bikini beach australia

 Alex Bondi Beach | Hanna Whitehaven | Athena Shark Bay | Dionisis Satellite Island | Larissa Hamilton Island | Alvaro Soto | Carlos



Welcome to Harmony Week, the time in the year, when the Aussie Spirit shines brighter than ever. 


The recent floods have put a damper on our beach time, but a fellow in need is something we always pay attention to.

 bikini beach australia photoshoot miami

Brenna Satellite Island | Joelle Pinky Beach | Casey | Bella 


On Harmony Week, we take time to get our fellow neighbor, to understand each other’s culture and explore it in many ways. Food is for sure one of them. But also wear your traditional attire at work is something you might experience, throughout the week.


At Bikini Beach, we like to encourage our multicultural team to participate, even if it might just be on a Zoom meeting: a pinch of Southern Star and Union Jack;

Harmony Week Australia



Combined with some Panamanian colours and empanadas, good old Texan BBQ dressed with a cowboy hat and boots… you name it we have it… but of course Bikini is our international language, spoken on a Lamborghini and fitting in all circumstances! 

Miami Swim Week shoot for Bikini Beach Aus

Tatiana & Brooke Sorrento One Piece | Enriched Studios | Tone Def Visuals | Beckah


What would you bring to the Bikini Beach Board Room, this week?