By Roberto Ordóñez


The party doesn’t stop! After Panama Fashion Week, Bikini Beach strikes the local market once again, this time allying with local designer Nicolas Real, to bring the local population the mix of both brands, having a little bit of something for everyone.

patrizia paganis and nicholas Real for Bikini Beach Aus pop up

Patrizia Paganis | Nicholas Real | Daviid Daza

The Party was held in a “hidden” location in San Francisco (Panama City!) making the party a more VIP experience, and something that’s definitely not common for the local crowd. The invited were given out by both brands and the attendees were greeted by the surprise location, having to go through a small corridor to reveal the incredibly cozy location the Pop-Up Party was to be held in. 

Alex Abraham Bikini Beach Designer at Panama pop up party

Alex Abraham | Silvana Dargel

Amongst laughs, party-goers were able to hang out, meet both designers and other fashion enthusiasts whilst browsing what both brands had in store. 

The host, Nicolas Real, is a Panamanian designer, who’s had a long journey in the local fashion world. He’s achieved several important mentions in his career, going from a Ballet dancer and choreographer, in which he received a platinum medal for his choreography, awarded by the Dance Educators of America in New York City. Alongside his Fashion Design Degree, he has a Social Communication degree from Universidad Santa María la Antigua (USMA), one of the top universities in the Panama. He spent several years styling for the local magazine “Siete” (Seven), worked for Public Relations for Copa Airlines, in which he organized the whole protocol for the 2003 Miss Universe participation of the country. 

Patty Real 

Nicolás Real’s brand is described as a Panamanian brand with a vision to bring “Accessible Luxury” to the general public, with a sustainable business model. It was born in 2011, with his first collection launching in 2016, greeted with reviews such as “timeless pieces suited for a bold and chic woman”. 

Alex Abraham, designer and owner of BBA, also has extensive international experience, that goes hand in hand with the vision offered by Nicolás Real, and both of them could be spotted hanging out together during the event, welcoming every guest to go ahead and check out what they had to offer!

 Bikini Beach Team at the VIP pop up party in panama

Alex Abraham Designer | Arjuna Tearney Marketing | Hanna Quiel Social | Daviid Daza Model 

Alex’s experience goes beyond just creating and designing swimwear pieces. She has a business degree from Washington State University, as well as a Styling and Apparel certification from the Laboratory Institute of Merchandising in New York. Her career started in Merchandising and Head Operations at Gucci, in Australia. She’s always had a passion for designing her own ventures, and created Bikini Beach in Bondi Beach Australia in 2017.

Bikini Beach Pop up party Panama city Panama

Zurik | Arjuna Tearney 

Despite the contrast in design from both brands, it is almost magical how guests browsed through the display items with content, experiencing both of the designer’s love poured into every one of their pieces. Not only this, but having the designers involved in the shopping process also made this pop-up event a very intimate, cozy and informative experience for the guests.

This pop-up event mixed two different worlds united by fashion. Both pieces have influences from travels around the world and offered guests a pleasant mix of two points of view, that come together with the stories, experiences and love for design that Bikini Beach and Nicolás Real have to offer.