Punching Kangaroos

Australia is known across the world for crystalline beaches, peculiar animals and actors taking over Hollywood. Now, a new generation of Australian Women is taking over the world. We are very excited to announce E-Centre Solutions has recently agreed to champion Bikini Beach Australia for the upcoming Panama Fashion Week.

E-Centre Solutions, led by its Director Eleonora Fleischmann, is a newly established company passionate about workforce management and supporting employers and employees navigating through complex times and busting efficiency leaks. 

Both companies are Australian female owned businesses which believe in mutual support and strive to support female entrepreneurship. 

Panama Fashion Week was a great opportunity for E-Centre Solutions and Bikini Beach Australia to come together and show the rest of the world what Australian women are all about! 

“After all Fashion is just another type of Project” said Eleonora. Project Management is one of the preferred ways for E-Centre Solutions to deliver a portfolio of services from Business Analysis to workforce education and System Development. 

“I’m very excited to see Bikini Beach Australia’s new collection and to be able to champion its first Panama Fashion Week it’s truly an honor. They have no idea what is coming!” she said laughing.

“The image of the Punching Kangaroo is one dear to every Australian, it represents us Australian women, I believe. We are determined, we know what we want, and we are not scared to get it. We might just need to redesign it with a Bikini Beach Australia bikini”.

“Don’t miss Panama Fashion Week , Bikini Beach Australia and E-Centre Solutions Instagram accounts, you will learn about Panama, it’s a great way to start shopping for your next bikini collection! If you are reading us from Panama, make sure to come and see us on 21st September at 6.00pm, at Junta de Santa Ana - it’s a great way to start shopping for your next bikini collection”. 



- Eleonora Fleischmann