Sekse Fit 

Sekse fit partners with bikini beach aus

Where Fitness meets Fashion: A look at the Bikini Beach Aus and Sekse Fit Pole Dance studio brand partnership 


by Roberto Ordóñez



In a visit to Las Vegas, for the Magic Fashion & Project Show trade exhibition; Bikini Beach met with Sekse Fit.  Our first stockist and wholesaler described as “where fitness meets fashion".  Sekse Fit is a pole dancing studio in Oregon United States bringing fitness and fun to the North West.

Located in the heart of Bend in the Breezeway at The Box Factory, Sekse Fit offers both Pole Dancing lessons and appropriate workout apparel that suits the needs of their dancers. Sekse was born after three “Seksé” moms came together on a shared vision: to integrate a range of proprietary dance cardio, pole fitness, and sculpting formats boutique with a vibrant, yet sultry ambiance.

It is more than just a space and pole dancing studio; Sekse aims to act as a movement to affect change in peoples’ lives by redefining what it means to be “sexy” and refining the dance and pole industry. 

Sekse approached Bikini Beach's designer swimwear booth and fell in love with their aesthetic and company vibe.  The studio was interested in acquiring some of BBA's latest collection for their studio shop. The two pieces that caught their eyes were the Hamilton Island Bikini in Frostbite reversible, and the Hamilton Island in Liquid black.   These designs are versatile and can be worn for leisure, as an outfit pairing or for fun fitness gear, like pole dancing!


Hamilton Island Frostbite | Ibiza Marble



Hamilton Island Liquid Black | Onyx 


Make sure to check out Sekse Fit if you’re in the Bend Oregon area, and be on the lookout for Bikini Beach’s top designs in this space!