Bikini Beach Taps Into Caribbean Tropical Dream With Newest 2022 Partnership 




Following the highly successful partnership with Brooklyn-based SHH Swimwear,  Bikini Beach Australia is now set to take over the palm tree-laden Caribbean Island, St. Croix.  Bikini Beach is happy to announce the newest 2022 partnership with Molly's Tropical Boutique.


Further embodying the message of inclusivity and diversity, both companies tap into the tropical daydream in which modern travelers and thrill seekers can come together to share stories of picturesque landscapes where crisp ocean cliffs and crystalline water collide.


Molly's Tropical Boutique opened at Christiansted almost 20 years ago, followed by a  second, new location in Frederiksted in late 2017. Their collections run the gamut from in swimwear and surf to scuba products for every thalassophile to enjoy. 


Several of Bikini Beach's beloved reversible designer swimwear styles that highlight the flawless shape of every woman's body can be found at Molly's Tropical Boutique stores in in St. Croix Caribbean Islands.  Check out these styles below;

Airlie Beach - Fairy Floss | Soft Pink



Daydream Island - Pink Sea Serpent | Taffy 



There is only a handful of prints that can rival the daring, sexy look of an animal print bikini designed in Italy. Especially if it can help you step into cute, taffy pink territory with a simple switch. Featuring a cross braid center pattern and braid side detailing, this designer swimwear gives you yet another excuse to embrace the cut-out look. 



Satellite Island - Stardust | Nest Egg




Emerald Beach - Paisley | Purple 



Falling perfectly in line with the current swimwear trends, this Bikini Beach’s swimsuit offers an alluring, deep-V neckline that will certainly won’t go unnoticed. The mid to high waist cut will effortlessly flatter the silhouette and thanks to the reversible style, the sartorial options are now in every women’s favor. Get “soaked” in paisley or embrace minimalism with the richest purple hue. 



Whitehaven - Animale | Soft Granite




Hamilton Island - Liquid Navy | Glitterati



Bikini Beach Australia’s designer swim lines are well-known for their opulent use of color and unexpected details; Hamilton Island bikini is certainly no different. This  unapologetic Glitterati swimsuit is sure to make a statement during all your future water adventures.  The high waisted cheeky cut bottom was designed to accentuate your curves and combined with the mesh detailing, it’s a warm-weather match made in tropical heaven. Want to switch things up a bit? Reverse it and rock the Frostbite.


Our swimsuit staples are now available at Molly's Tropical Boutique stores in in St. Croix Caribbean Islands ready to outfit every risk taker and adventurer.  From Bondi Beach to Brooklyn and Manhattan, Bikini Beach Australia’s designer swim collections aim to further feed into your  tropical island oasis dream.