Swim Week's Hottest Fashion Show Partnership in the Art Hearts Runway

Bikini Beach Australia collaborates with Coaxed by the Siren for custom-made jewelry


On July 11th, the finale runway at the Art Hearts fashion event saw the debut of Liquid Animale, Bikini Beach Australia’s new swimwear collection. The South Beach show at Faena Forum exclusively featured BBA’s stunning new jewelry collaboration with the California-based, female-owned company Coaxed by the Siren.


Having participated in Miami Swim Week since 2018, Bikini Beach Australia had its first showcase at the Art Hearts Fashion Show this year - the largest and most highly anticipated fashion event at Swim Week. BBA delivered sexy new designs that work to flatter and celebrate the female figure. The collection highlighted mesh and metallic fabrics, plunging necklaces, and versatile designs as some of its striking features, simultaneously working with fun, sexy, and flattering silhouettes.


Showcasing its trademark custom prints and exclusive designs, Bikini Beach Australia made waves at Miami Swim Week as it launched its new release. The collection found its inspiration in nature during a difficult chapter. While reflecting on both the social climate brought about by the pandemic and the resilience that followed, designers stumbled upon their incentive for the collection: “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll return leading the pack.” 


Reflected in the designs, the quote stands in line with the empowering values of BBA, beautifully exemplifying the need for a mindset shift during challenging times. Inspired by the animalistic collection itself, the gold set jewelry pieces continued to emphasize the wolf-centered theme behind the swimwear. 


The 30 custom pieces designed by Orange County's Coaxed by the Siren, each set in gold, give continuity and cohesiveness to the strong message of the collection. The collaboration includes necklaces, broaches, rings, and earrings that all feature different aspects and forms of the wolf. As an additional, personalized touch, Bikini Beach Australia's logo leaf is also incorporated into select pieces.


The partnership between the Australian swimwear brand and the California jewelry company resulted in an exciting yet seamless merge of their essence and styles. While the pieces maintain Coaxed by the Siren's signature style, it leans on the Liquid Animale theme created by the Australian brand. The jewelry works to compliment the swimwear while still successfully maintaining a delicate and charming balance.


A more than successful Miami Swim Week launch at the Art Hearts Fashion Show means it's safe to say we haven't seen the last of this partnership! Keep an eye out for their continued collaboration, this time with an Italian editorial campaign right around the corner.