by Roberto Ordóñez


One of the many opportunities presented to Bikini Beach Australia during the Panama Fashion Week, as we’ve featured before in the posts covering the events, was the awesome networking the event provides to attendees. As an international brand featuring their pieces during the event, a lot of brands had their eyes on Bikini Beach. 


Bikini Beach Australia Designer finale at panama fashion week

Ernesto BBA Byron Man | Alex Abraham | Hanna Byron Bay 




The event, hosted in “La Manzana” in the district of Santa Ana, allowed sponsors (and participants) to be able to take advantage of what the cultural district had to offer. The representative of Santa Ana took special interest in Bikini Beach and offered them a chance to use some of their cultural spaces for a photoshoot in a collaboration that presented both Bikini Beach and the Santa Ana district to promote each other outside the show itself. 


Bikini Beach Aus photoshoot in Santa Ana Panama

 Daviid | Hanna Daydream Island | Nathaly Hamilton IslandRoberto



During the final days of the Fashion Week events; Kike from Trigger Minds furthered their partnership with Bikini Beach’s designer, Alex Abraham asking her to collaborate in a styling event presented in Fashion Week.  Alongside the world renowned premium gin conglomerate, “Bombay Sapphire” who was one of the many official sponsors during this year's events.  The crowd was shocked by a “flash contest” in which Alex, designer from BBA and Patrizia De Paganis compete in a design styling contest.  Patrizia is a stylist and a well-known fashion figure in Panama, who also happens to be close with the Gucci Family, always making a big impact throughout Latin American fashion. Both contestants had a few minutes to style a Bombay Sapphire scarf around a model, and the public would react selecting the winner of the contest. The show was very fun to witness, as it was accompanied by music played by Kike and people got a chance to see these designers show their experience live.


 Alex Abraham for bikini beach australia fashion week competition

Alex Abraham & Maria Cecilia 



Stylists for bikini beach bombay sapphire competition during panama fashion week

Marisa | Nadine | Patrizia | Alex 


Trigger Minds also produced a short video highlighting Bikini Beach, with a brief insight about what we do what we do, and showcasing the experience in Fashion Week Panama.


“Meeting Alex was very interesting. We met inside Fashion Week Panama, by mere chance, and her response to my “what do you do in Panama?” question really clicked with my own reality; we started to talk about all the amazing projects that are happening, the human quality of the people and the potential that Panama has as a society and a country.

I feel like this is a brand that’s searching to break outside the box, tries to be “irreverent” and grabs everyone’s attention, having women as the central focus point of their narrative. Talking to Alex and listening to her intentions to showcase and highlight females into this industry in a very inclusive, natural way. This really cheered me up and connected me to a global reality:

There are more people in this world trying to do things right, rather than people obsessed with the “old ways” and their negligence. 

It was an absolute pleasure to work with her (Alex) and I really hope Panama can become a home to Bikini Beach.”

 - Enrique García Trigger Minds 

Trigger Minds Bikini Beach Aus partnership


This is just one of many experiences that Bikini Beach had during their participation in Fashion Week Panama. The event was filled with the opportunity to meet, connect and see what the region is up to, as well as a hub for everything fashion in Latin America. Make sure you follow Trigger Minds for more amazing audiovisual content. If you’re in the region, be sure to check out Panama Fashion Week and don’t miss what Bikini Beach has in store for 2022!