Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion Day 4 




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Daydream Island reversible bikini on MSW Catwalk

Quiyona Salmon Daydream Island





Satellite Island reversible bikini in Galaxy Print 

 Madara Satellite Island 




 Daniela Tablante in the Lucky Bay bikini walking for bikini beach aus

Daniela Tablante Lucky Bay




Bondi Beach Wolf Bikini  

Jessica Cortes Bondi Beach




Hamilton Island reversible bikini in Frostbite | ibiza marble 

Beth Walkemeyer Hamilton Island




 Hamilton Island Liquid Black reversible bikini

Maaxx West Hamilton Island




Karolina Derpienska walking the bikini beach runway during miami swim week

Karolina Derpienska Shark Bay




 Shark Bay on the Art Hearts fashion x Bikini Beach runway

Shark Bay




Jocelyn Binder walking for Bikini Beach during Miami Swim Week

Jocelyn Binder for bikini beach aus 

Jocelyn Binder Ocean Beach




Hayman Island Liquid black on the Bikini Beach runway powered by Art Hearts runway  

Mya Thompkins Hayman Island



BIKINI BEACH AUSTRALIA opened the final show of the Miami Swim Week Powered by Art Hearts Fashion. The female-owned swimwear label showcased exceptional designs and daring silhouettes in a detailed, inspired collection of women’s swimwear.

 Jocelyn Binder and BBA Designer Alex Abraham walk the catwalk during the finale of Bikini Beach's Miami Swim Week fashion show

Jocelyn Binder in Ocean Beach | Alex Abraham Designer 



BIKINI BEACH AUSTRALIA We are a female owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. Our mission is to celebrate the female form, creating pieces that are suitable for all shapes and sizes. Our vision is to empower women through their self-expression, style, sexuality and all aspects of their swimwear lifestyle. You can see this in the detailed features of our collections from the silhouettes to the cut of each design.

Influenced by Risk Takers, Inspired by Adventure. “I have always been inspired by travel. It is a passion that has encompassed Bikini Beach's journey throughout our entire collections since being founded. I believe in taking aspects of my world experiences and translating them into each design. Every piece is named after a beach, island or paradise location in Australia; keeping our passion for our home a part of each line's design concept.”


Alex Abraham Designer of Bikini Beach Australia - Miami Swim Week fashion show

Creator Alex Abraham



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 Shot by Natalie Svors