Bikini Beach Australia’s Los Angeles takeover didn’t just stop at the LA Swim Week and their brand-new showroom at the CMC.


Part of the whole experience, which was happening simultaneously to the LASW, was the LA Market Week.


Downtown L.A 



The LA Market Week, which was previously called the LA Fashion Market, is the West Coast’s number one destination for contemporary fashion. The show includes apparel, accessories, footwear, and more. The Market Week highlights several tradeshows from both established and upcoming designers. The event is presented in a series of events, including a selection of incredible Showrooms and a huge selection of Brands for retailers to shop. 

Los Angeles Market Week takes place in the heart of Los Angeles.


California Market Center Downtown L.A 


The showrooms and tradeshows were split between different buildings, these being The New Mart building, Cooper Design Space, the Lady Liberty Building, and the main building being the newly renewed California Market Center. 

The LA Market Week has several instances/events throughout the year, with the most recent one taking place between June 12th and June 15th.  The event has per-season editions, including Spring/Summer in January, Fall during March, and the second show in June, a holiday/resort version during July/August, and a Spring 2023 version during October. The event extends to other versions of the show, such as LA Kids Market, LA Textile show, and the LA Majors.

LA Market Week @ the CMC

The event welcomes buyers, to visit the showrooms brands, and there’s the opportunity for wholesale purchases as long as you’re a registered company.

If you’re looking forward to being a part of the experience and keeping up to date to participate in other LA Market Week events, you can check the details, book tickets, and make reservations for showrooms, stay tuned to


Jocelyn Binder | Alex Abraham | Tawny Jordan | Getty Images