Edgar Entertainment's Exclusive: 

Alex Abraham of Bikini Beach Australia at Miami Swim Week 



Alex Abraham I Edgar Entertainment


In this backstage interview, Edgar Entertainment engages with Alex Abraham, the visionary behind Bikini Beach Australia, amid the buzz of Miami Swim Week. Alex teases a distinctive touch in her upcoming collection, stating, "I'd like to do something a little bit different." Reflecting on her past endeavors, she shares details of a recent body-painting collaboration from the Skins TV show, this time omitting fingerprinting.

When delving into her creative process, Alex discloses, "I'm always inspired by travel. I explore various avenues based on my adventures." Anticipate the grand unveiling of her latest collection, promising a fusion of art, travel, and groundbreaking design that redefines beach glamour.

As the runway countdown begins, the audience eagerly awaits the revelation of Alex Abraham's newest masterpiece—an amalgamation of art, travel, and cutting-edge design. Miami Swim Week unfolds not just as a fashion display but as a visual journey inspired by the diverse landscapes of the world. Stay tuned for the grand unveiling of bikinis embodying the spirit of adventure.