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Alex Abraham Talks Swimwear Today, The Latest Trends, & Tackling Raw Material Shortages
  Honored feature to Alex Abraham in their last edition. 


Alex Abraham, based in Bondi Beach, is an entrepreneur, designer, and traveler who is always finding new ways to blend the latest advancements in technology with her inspiration of Australian inspired travels to create the most elegant swimwear for women from all walks of life striving for greatness and challenging the status quo!


Alex’s priority towards creating cutting edge designs has led Bikini Beach Australia to be featured on many prestigious platforms such as Miami Swim Week, Observer Magazine, Forbes, and many more



Alex Abraham | Kristina Renaud | Jonny Underwood | Hayman Island | Whitehaven Animale 


Hayman Island One Piece in Sea Serpent Reversible 



It was a pleasure to take a deep dive into Alex’s view of the swimwear industry. Read below for the hot scope!


  1. So Alex, how would you describe the swimwear industry today?


The swimwear industry is ever growing and changing.  Since I started in the swim sector in 2015, I have noticed drastic changes in how swim labels operate.  The focus has changed over time and we are seeing a lot more cutting edge design concepts, eco friendly fabrics and new technological developments to improve the quality of swimwear


The global swimwear industry has become worth over $13.25 billion since 2018. The swimwear market in the United States, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom has also expanded for the better. The styles available under high end brands are continuing to improve with hand embroidered features, luxury handmade beading, hardware features, and so much more.   As a designer, creating the perfect product is a more complicated engineering process for swimwear than designing a dress


As a player in the swim sector internationally we like to continue to grow with new advancements in technology to create the perfect design while supporting the environment and the most important factor; the consumer.   Finding the right composition of fabrics and sustainability is our latest passion and what drives Bikini Beach through the latest season of swim



  1. And what trends do you see in swimwear that are popular amongst your customers and as a whole? Are they similar?


At Bikini Beach Australia we pride ourselves on our cutting edge design.  I am inspired by travel and my world experiences and take the time to experience internationally in order to gain perspective on the collections each season.  Our design concept is bold.  We focus on the female form and how to accentuate a woman's silhouette while instilling confidence



Alex Abraham | Alvaro Soto | Bondi Beach 


Bondi Beach Bikini in Wolf Reversible 


My favorite trend for next season is the peekaboo cut out design.   Once pieces are having new shapes and cut outs and we are seeing a change to the placement of the garment on the hip.  I specialize in metallics, leather looks, and fully reversible designs but love to utilize new textures and fabrics when working with the latest trends of the season.   Swimwear should make a woman feel proud to be at the beach and our designs always leave something to the imagination


One of our best sellers is the Hamilton Island reversible Bikini.  This high-waisted design is both elegant and form fitting; giving an athleisure aesthetic to the cut but maintaining a feminine form.   We specialize in fully reversible styles so that you can not only get four wears in one but instantly switch to a fresh dramatic look 

Alex Abraham | Jonny underwood | Hamilton Island 



  1. As a director/designer, how do you not let revenue goals or other financial metrics stifle your creativity as a designer?


I love the business side of the industry; what inspires me the most is designing a piece that looks great on many body types and seeing a woman's face light up while wearing them.  If the design has quality and creative edge then revenue is not a factor.  People purchase from people not from brands and I emphasize that we are the face of the collection


I love how a brand operates and have surrounded myself with aspects of the fashion industry my entire life. I am a designer by passion but am intrigued by the inner workings of a retail label as well as the design aspect. The pulse of the company is what makes me tick



  1. So you name your designs after beaches, islands, & paradise destinations; What attributes of these places influence you when you design the places? Culture? Landscape?


I believe in taking aspects of my world experiences through travel and translating them into my collections. This can be seen throughout all of our collections by the creation of statement pieces.   I spend time internationally working in nature, with other cultures and take a lot of inspiration from architecture.  This is what makes our label so unique; each year I spent time in a new location and through that inspiration moved forward with a collection.    Meaning that all of our collections are unique to the pulse of a country where they were designed 



Alex Abraham | Jonny Underwood | Art Hearts Fashion Show | Runway Rougue


Bikini Beach Australia is a female owned designer label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach.  Our mission is to celebrate the female form; creating pieces that empower women through their self expression, style, sexuality and all aspects of their swim life. You can see this in all detail features of our collections from the silhouettes to the cuts of each design. Every piece is also named after a beach, island or paradise location in Australia; keeping our passion for our home a part of each line's design concept



  1. What is a challenge you are facing in your industry & how are you tackling it?


Cost of producing raw materials due to global shortages has been difficult since covid and finding the most environmentally friendly manufacturing with time efficiency has created some new exciting challenges to move forward with.  The increasing cost of procuring raw materials is one of the biggest challenges that the fashion industry faces today


The cost to not only grow, but also transform and treat the raw materials needed for making new fabrics and design lines has been on the rise for many years. Unless technology can help us recycle fabrics and garments more efficiently, the current cost of collecting raw materials will further challenge the fashion industry in future


It is important to discover new ways to use materials and find alternative fabrications to support the ever growing impact the fashion industry has on the environment globally 


 Hanna Quiel | Alex Abraham | Ernesto Szcurw | Fashion Week Panama | Byron Bay 


 Byron Bay Bikini in Festival Wolf Reversible 


Check out Bikini Beach Australia and follow Alex on her mission to empower women in all aspects of swimwear lifestyle!


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