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Sheer Mesh Resort Dress In Ibiza Marble

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Just started to think about your next vacation? Daydreaming about sipping cocktails by the poolside, while also stressing about what you should wear, what you should bring? Don’t worry, Bikini Beach Australia got you covered! The answer to all your worries is Beach dresses! Here’s all you should know about beach dresses and why you shouldn’t underestimate them! 

What type of beach dresses can I find ? 

Maxi Beach Dresses

Maxi Beach dresses have become a must-have in a wardrobe. This type of dress is known for their length that usually goes to the floor or to your ankle. Super popular for their beach classy-chic look, they are definitely a must during vacations: they are usually super loose making them both fashionable and breathable. While these dresses can come in different styles and can be worn for any occasion, they are considered a must-have piece for hot summer days and tropical vacay! 

Midi Beach Dresses

Midi Beach dresses are a type of dress that has any length between the knees and mid-calf. These types of dresses are all season, but they can also be worn for any occasion in the summer. Whether you want to wear it at the beach or for your happy hour, just swap your flip flop for cute heels and there you go! 

Mini Beach Dresses

Mini beach dresses are usually the go-to summer dresses at the beach because of their short length and easy-to-wear type. You never go wrong with mini beach dresses, they are easy to pack, easy to wear and are offered in so many different styles! 

5 reasons why you should pack Beach dresses for your next vacay! 

Are you the type of person who overpack your suitcases and ends up not knowing what to wear anyway? Well, you should probably look at packing more beach dresses and more cool accessories to spice up your fits for different occasions. Here are a few reasons why Beach dress should be a must-have in your luggage. 


Obviously, dresses are practical, they are easy to put on, and even easier to take off. Perfect for a quick dip before happy hour! They are also super easy to pack: they do not take much space in your luggage and are usually super light! They are perfect for warm weather since the material is usually super light and leaves some space for your body to breathe! 


Depending on how you accessorize your outfit, a beach dress can easily be worn on different occasions. From happy hours and more relaxed settings to a casual cover-up at the beach, and even for a more formal dinner. The fun thing about beach dresses is that if you choose wisely and change your accessories, it can be worn one more than once on more than one occasion. 

Trendy Piece of Clothing 

Whether you are looking at a mini, midi, or maxi summer dress, if you want to look fabulous during your vacation you are not going wrong with a beach dress . Dresses are super trendy, and you can play with your outfit easily: going from street style, beach style to something more chic has never been easier. Wearing a summer dress is an easy option that is safe and always trendy!


Wearing a dress during the summer shouldn’t feel uncomfortable: warm weather is made to make you happy and make you feel good. Beach dresses are not only practical, versatile, and trendy, they are also super comfortable! Beach dresses are made to be light, so the fabric is usually super breathable and smooth on your body. Make sure you choose wisely when you pick beach dresses, it’s always annoying when you are stuck wearing something that you do not feel comfortable with. 

What kind of beach dresses should I wear in extreme heat? 

You should always aim to have as little clothes on you as possible. Try to go for mini beach dresses or even cover-up dresses so you don’t overheat yourself. It is always advised to go for light colors and to avoid black summer dresses, otherwise you will cook like an egg!  Avoid wearing fitting clothes, loose dresses are definitely a must-have if you are planning to go somewhere extremely hot. Another tip is to go for natural fibre material, like cotton, silk or linen. They are best at absorbing sweat while also allowing your skin to breathe. 

Beach clothes shouldn’t be too heavy anyway, so don’t be shy to show as much skin as you want or feel comfortable to, it's part of going on vacation! As long as you feel pretty and confident, that’s all that matters! 

Can oversized shirts be worn as a beach dress? 

Of course, and you should because not only are they trendy, but also looks super good! When choosing your shirt, try to go for lightweight and natural material, so you will not get hot or sweaty! The “oversized” fit is perfect when you are hitting the beach on a hot summer day! You don’t have time to get changed before super? It's easy, throw your flip flop, put on some heels and a belt and you just went from beach style to something more appropriate. 

Are you just looking for something to get from your hotel to the beach? Our casual beach dress is what you need! 

Your fits are already set, but you still can’t find something to cover up for your transition from your hotel to the beach. You should take a look at our Ibiza marble Sheer Mesh Resort Dress. This slip dress is the perfect cover-up for you! With her adjustable straps and comfy material, you can be sure you will look super cute while transitioning from one place to another. The Ibiza marble colour is perfect for hot sunny days, since its super light colours. 

What you should know about Bikini Beach Australia

Bikini Beach Australia is a female-owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. All our products are inspired from our designer’s adventure. They are the translations of a woman’s experience across Australia, which is why all our swimwear is named after amazing beaches and islands of paradise from Australia.  

I mean, who knows better than women, what women want, right ? 

Why is choosing Bikini Beach Australia a conscious choice?

Supporting a women-owned business is the right step toward gender equality! Our products are designed by women for women, suitable for all size and shape. By choosing to buy from us, you are not only promoting women’s entrepreneurship, but you are making a conscious choice for all women. 

Wanna look pretty, while being confident? Don’t worry, Bikini Beach Australia got you covered ! You can count on us for your next vacation with our amazing swimwear products and women's beach clothes.