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Rottnest Island Bikini in Calcutta Reversible

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Rottnest Island Bikini in Stardust Reversible

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Resort Set in Soft Granite

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Being confident and comfortable are two things we want women to feel when they wear our swimsuits. No matter how trendy a bikini looks on the hanger, if you don’t feel your best self in it, it’s not the right one for you. Choose a bikini top style that you feel comfortable spending the day in! 

If you don’t know where to start, take a look at our products for a variety of bikini tops.  Enjoy all our advice to help you make the right choice for your 2022 hot girl summer!

What should you know about our brand?

Bikini Beach Australia is a female-owned designer swimwear label based on Bondi Beach's coastlines. All of our creations are based on our designer's journey. They are the result of a woman's adventure across Australia, which is why every one of our swimwear is named after beautiful Australian beaches and islands.

How to buy a bikini top for my body type? 

Here’s a few tips to figure out how to find a bikini that fits your body type :

  1. Never forget that you are free to dress however you want. So, even though a particular swim top style isn't recommended for your body type, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear it. If you like the design, and you feel confident in it, go for it!
  2. Make sure you know your measurements! Take a measuring tape and measure your bust, waist, hips, and high hips.
  3. Determine your body type with the measurements.
  4. Check out which bikini designs and types flatter your form the best.
  5. Learn about new bikini styles and varieties, but be bold. Pick and choose what you want!

Don’t let anyone tell you what to wear at the beach!

The first rule you should know and remember when it comes to buying a bikini is to wear whatever you want! You should always feel free to pick and choose the type of bikini you want, as long as you feel comfortable and confident in it: no one should tell you what to wear or not. Obviously if you are not sure what type of swimsuits to go for, you can always learn some tips on how to balance your look based on your type of body, but that is not the end game. 

What type of swim tops can I find at Bikini Beach Australia?


This term is pretty straight forward, but in case you're still not clear—a bikini top with triangles covering each of your boobs is a triangle top. If you prefer classic bikinis, the triangle bikini top is your best buddy. This sort of bikini top is extremely versatile and may be worn with almost any bottom. This is a simple and classic solution for any woman who wishes to look pretty while still receiving some support.


A bandeau is a strapless top that goes straight across. If tanning is your #1 priority, then this type of bikini is just the right style for you. Bandeau bikinis also are a wonderful alternative for layering up for a super or walking around the beach since they are so easy to match.  

High neck

This high neck bikini has a crop-top-like feel, hitting a little lower on the rib cage than most other bikinis and a bit higher on your neck. It is the best bikini if you are not trying to show off your boobs or need more coverage. This style of top is simple to match and comes in a variety of colours and designs. It can also be worn with your favourite short on your next night out because of its high neck style.

Sports bra 

For added support, a sports-bra top is your best bet. It offers good support while also looking super sexy no matter what your body type. This style of swim top has the same feature as a sports bra, the only difference being they are made out of stretchy fabrics that are designed to dry out quickly. 

One shoulder

This type of bikini top is asymmetrical, meaning there's just one strap going over one shoulder instead of both. They are designed to look super fashionable and it is definitely worth it if you want to enjoy some supper while being a little bit more fashionable! 

Why are reversible bikini tops a must-have in your swimwear wardrobe this summer? 

Are you looking for the perfect bikini options for your hot girl summer? You want a bikini top that is sustainable, practical, inexpensive, and enjoyable! What if we told you we've identified the ideal bikinis that meet all your needs while also offering a bit more? We're talking about swimwear that will make you feel confident, is appropriate for all body types, and is both flattering and unique. 

Reversible bikinis are the must-have for your swimwear wardrobe this summer. Here are a few reasons why reversible swimsuit tops are the best things:

  1. They are a great sustainable option;
  2. They are easy to pack;
  3. A reversible bikini allows for great mix and match;  
  4. They are practical and affordable; 

Is it worth it to buy good quality bikini tops?

Finding a swimsuit you genuinely love is a wonderful feeling, but getting there can be difficult. A decent swimming suit should be attractive, comfortable, supportive, and keep in place as you move. It must also be tough enough to withstand the elements of summer and maintain its shape after each use. 

When manufacturing good quality bathing suits, designers look at how well they preserve their shape after being stretched out, and how well the fabric holds up to wear tests replicating hard surfaces like the concrete side of a pool. We also consider colour fastness to UV light, saltwater, chlorine, and other elements. A good quality swimsuit offers an option that is:

  • Sustainable;
  • Resistant to saltwater and chlorine; 
  • Durable;

Advantages of buying a bikini tops from Bikini Beach Australia

All the same advantages apply to our product since they are of good quality. But something that Bikini Beach Australia has to offer that not all brands have is that buying from us is a great way to encourage a fully women-owned business! 

All our products are designed by women for women, and we are proud to offer them in all sizes and shapes. By choosing us, you are not only promoting women’s entrepreneurship, but you are making a conscious choice for all women. Plus, most of our swimwear is reversible! Which makes our brand inclined toward sustainability by competing with fast-fashion swimwear brands by making bikinis that are 2 in 1. 

If you're looking for versatile pieces that will let you express your personal style, help you save money and the planet, you should definitely look at our bikinis and all our amazing reversible bikinis options. 

This year, Bikini Beach Australia is definitely your best bud for your hot girl summer!

How to take care of your swim suit tops? 

Swimsuits for women of higher quality require more maintenance than bikinis. Don't worry, nothing is complicated: all you need is cold water and a little fabric soap and you'll have a clean bikini in no time! Hand-washing and line drying your bikini sets in the shade is highly recommended to preserve the fabric. However, here are a few extra tips for all our gals who want to give an extra luxury treatment to their bikinis. 

  • Prepare your swimwear by treating it before the bikini season;
  • After each use, wash your swimwear.
  • Always rinse your swimwear;
  • Allow your suit to dry by hanging it or laying it flat.
  • Switch up your swimsuits.
  • Do not wash your swimming suit in the machine;
  • Properly store your bathing suits;