This is a call for all women who want to embrace their inner beach babe!  Are you ready to take off for your next adventure? Looking for a bikini top that will fit you just right, while making you feel confident? Shop the best collection of modern Crop top Bikini Top at Bikini Beach Australia. All our products are designed for women by women. Here’s all the information you need to find the perfect top for your next trip!

Why is a bikini crop top a must-have in your summer wardrobe? 

Bikini tops come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them in a variety of colors and styles, and can easily be used for other purposes than swimming. Here’s a couple reasons why you should get a crop top bikini. 

They are easy to pack

Fun things with crop top swimwear is you can use them for different purposes, and wear them multiple times, especially if they are reversible! Once you find your bikini crop top you can wear them for different purposes which is great when you want to travel lightly! 

You can wear them as you wish

Bikini crop tops are pretty versatile. Pick one that has great support and you can use it as a bra, or you can style it to wear it as a top or as a bikini. 

Fits all 

No matter what your bust shape, you can find a Bikini crop top that will fit you like a gem! It’s all about finding the right one.You want a little bit more coverage no problem, find something with less cleavage or a bikini crop top bandeau. There’s no shape that should make you think that you can’t wear crop top swimwear. 

They are trendy 

Crop tops are a must too in general. They are super easy to style and are a timeless trend for hot days. You can easily match them with a blazer or skirt, really they can fit with anything, without fearing a total fail outfit. 

Can I use my bikini crop top  as a summer top?

The answer is hell yeah! The awesome thing about crop top bikinis is there is plenty of style to make sure every woman can find something that will make her feel pretty and confident. While some may be freaked out by the idea of wearing a bikini crop top as a part of their everyday summer outfit, you shouldn’t. While society has for a long time made women feel like they couldn’t wear this or that, this era is over. With the diversity of options, any woman can and should feel free to wear what they want without feeling ashamed of doing so. 

Here’s three tips on how to wear your crop top swimwear like a queen! 

Buying a new wardrobe every summer can be pretty expensive and even feel like a burden for some of us. Going for a bikini crop top that you can wear even as a regular top is not only practical, it's also economic. Here's a few tips on how you re-use your bikini as part of your outfit, without feeling like you're pushing it. 


The first tip you should know when it comes to styling your bikini top properly, is to layer it under or over other pieces. Whether you go for a night out with a blazer, or for an ice cream with a crop t-shirt over, you are not making a mistake! 

Go safe and choose something that look alike

If you are unsure and you do not feel confident integrating a bikini top to your 

Go for high waisted bottom

Keeping your bottom high waisted will go well with the crop top and will complete your outfit perfectly. Never divide yourself in half! With a high waisted bottom, you can 100% wear your bikini crop top as your main outfit. 

Be confident, embrace yourself and don’t be shy to wear your bikini crop top the way YOU want!

How to take care of your bikini crop top? 

Quality women swimsuits require better care than those fast-fashioned bikinis. Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated! All you need is cold water and a little bit of fabric soap and here you go, with a clean bikini! It is highly advised to hand-wash your bikini sets to preserve the material, and to line dry it in the shade! 

Why should you buy your bikini top from Bikini Beach Australia? 

Bikini Beach Australia is a female-owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. All our products are inspired from our designer’s adventure. They are the translations of a woman’s experience across Australia, which is why all our swimwear are named after amazing beaches and islands of paradise from Australia.  

I mean, who knows what women want better than women, right ? 

Why is choosing Bikini Beach Australia a conscious choice?

Supporting a women-owned business is the right step toward gender equality! Our products are designed by women for women, suitable for all size and shape. By choosing to buy from us, you are not only promoting women’s entrepreneurship, but you are making a conscious choice for all women. 

Wanna look pretty, while being confident? Don’t worry, Bikini Beach Australia got you covered ! You can count on us for your next vacation with our amazing swimwear products. 

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