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Are you the type of person who always goes for black or practical darker color by fear of trying on something lighter? Are you tired of going for dark bikinis just because it is the only classic solid you need in your swimsuit wardrobe? White bikinis may be something you should explore, because they have just as much to offer! 

Are you still unsure? Stay with us, and discover all you should know about white bikinis and let’s see if you change your mind! 

Is it true that white bikinis are see-through?

One of the most common false perceptions and myths about white bikinis is that white bathing suits are see-through and will reveal a bit more than what you are willing to show at the beach. In reality, it all depends on the material of your swimsuits! It is important to understand that not all bathing suits are designed and created the same way. The fabric used in your bathing suits is important and it is possible to find good quality white swimsuits: just look at Bikini Beach Australia! 

Does a white bikini stain easily? 

Most people believe that white swimsuit stains without doing anything, and it’s natural to believe so. After all, we all wore white at some point and ended up with a stain of red wine or something else because every little spill shows super easy on white fabric.  However, when bikinis are designed from quality fabrics like our Hamilton Bikini, even a white swimsuit doesn't stain or fade. You can safely expose your white bikini to the beach or chlorinated pool water.

You should clean your suit regularly according to the usual cleaning guideline. If you follow proper cleaning habits, you'll be able to use your swimsuit for numerous summers or trips without it staining or deteriorating.

Which bikini color makes you look more tan? 

Most people love summer because they enjoy all the little things that come with this season, but who doesn’t like a little tan? Choosing a color that will highlight your skin is always a good idea: light colors like yellow, peach or neutral colors is surely a good thing but rocking white is your best shot especially if your tan is late to the party.

Here’s a few reasons why you should add a white bikini to your swimwear wardrobe

Are you wondering about whether or why you should wear a white bikini? We have decided we would try to answer a few questions around white bikinis and give you reasons to bring back white in your swimwear wardrobe. Here’s all you would need before buying a white bikini. 

White is a neutral color and it can go with anything;

A white bikini can really accentuate your tan; 

You can be sure you will look trendy and classy; 

What should I look at when shopping a white swimsuit? 

Make sure to look at the quality 

You won't have to worry about your swimwear being see-through while wet if you choose a good white or off-white one. Make sure the cloth is of good quality and not too thin before making a purchase. Stretching the white bikini on your hand at the store to examine how thin the fabric is often a good indication. Check to see if the suit is correctly lined, as this ensures that a white bathing suit provides complete coverage.

Make sure you choose the right fit for you

While ensuring the fabric is good quality, it is as important to find the right fit of bikini that will make you feel pretty and confident rocking an all white bikini. First, it is important to know what type of bikini suits you best, one that you feel comfortable and make you feel confident. Once you find that balance then you can go all in, and go off shopping for your next fashion statement piece, a white bikini. 

Why should you buy your white  bikini from Bikini Beach Australia? 

Look at our bikinis.

How to take care of a white bikini?

Give some extra love to your white bikini to ensure it stays nice and clean. Here’s simple care instructions to help you take care of your white bikinis and help your suit keep its amazing look and qualities. Follow these instructions and you can be sure your bikini will stay beautiful for multiple seasons! 

  • Make sure to hand-wash in cold water; 
  • Use only neutral soap to avoid accidental stains;
  • Avoid using bleach product;
  • Line dry in shade;
  • Soak your bikini in cold water only when necessary, only long enough to remove chlorine, salt or soap residue;
  • Rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse;
  • Do not stretch; 
  • Do not iron;
  • Avoid keeping your bikinis damp or wet in your luggage or in a close bag;
  • Try to be careful with makeup; 
  • Avoid putting tanning oil on your bikinis;

Should I wash my swimsuits after every use? 

Yes, you should wash your swimwear after each usage, to put it succinctly. You don't have to use strong products all of the time, though. It's critical to maintain your suits clean, and all you need is a little water every now and then, and a bit of love.

All Bikini Australia’s swimsuits are made with high quality fabrics. Like any good product, it requires some love and care to ensure it stays in good conditions.

How to have a bikini body?

One of the most asked questions about bikinis is how to have a bikini body. Well, we have the answer for you! First you need to have a body. Are you good ? OK perfect, then the next step is pretty easy, all you need to do is to put a bikini on it, and voilà! Here’s how to have a bikini body according to Bikini Beach Australia.  

Don’t forget, your body is the perfect bikini body! 

You can jump in the pool or enjoy the ocean and come out confident that your white bikini or white one-piece will not be see-through. If you are someone who prefers increased coverage, a white swim cover up adds an air of modesty and style.