Behind the Scenes - Backstage through BBA's Editorial Campaign in Central America


BBA in Panama City



by Roberto Ordóñez




Since 2021, Panama City has become the home base of Bikini Beach Australia. This city, filled with a little bit of everything from skyscrapers, a beautiful coast cityscape, beautiful Caribbean beaches, nightlife, eco-tourism, fashion, and a bottomless pit of surprises. This country has welcomed BBA with its arms open and they’re making the best of it!

As a part of their expansion into LATAM, as always, Bikini Beach has aimed to show more of the culture and landscapes of these countries, collaborating with different artists from Panama to upgrade their portfolio of content. 


In April 2021, Bikini Beach had their first photoshoot in Panama City, working with local photographer “Robonomy”, shooting their first campaign based in the country. The shoot featured models Hanna Quiel and Nicole Tovar.


These first photos featured some classic & newly released (at the time) pieces, such as the;

Diamond Bay Reversible Bikini in Glitterati | Taffy & Whitehaven Reversible Bikini in White
Bikini Beach Australia shoot in panama city at JW marriott
Nicole Tovar & Hanna Quiel | Roberto Ordóñez


Whitehaven Reversible Bikini in Animale | Soft Granite 

Alex in The whitehaven in soft granite reversible bba

Alex Abraham | Roberto Ordóñez


Hayman Island Reversible One Piece in Sea Serpent | Liquid Black

Hayman Island in Sea Serpent reversible JW Marriott panama shoot bba

Nicole Tovar & Hanna Quiel | Roberto Ordóñez


The shoot took place in the JW Marriott in Panama City and made an excellent pairing of our Bikinis with the luxurious pools and ambiance the JW Marriott provides.


Later that year, an amazing opportunity presented to BBA with the Panama Fashion Week, which we covered in our earlier entries! During the fashion week we were able to collaborate again with Rob, and also other photographers and creatives that allowed BBA to boost their presence in LATAM. During the Fashion Week, we were able to collaborate with Alvaro Soto providing us excellent coverage during the runway and during the next days, Roberto Ordóñez and Carlos Vicente alongside the Junta Comunal de Santa Ana, the cultural district in which the event took place, shot in the streets of Santa Ana, merging both the cultural and historical aspect of Santa Ana, and the boldness, wild and adventurous style BBA had to offer!


Some of the pieces highlighted during the event were;


Hamilton Island Reversible Bikini in Liquid Navy | Glitterati 

Hamilton Island Glitterati reversible Bikini Beach Aus

Romary Gilbert | Alvaro Soto 


Hamilton Island Reversible in Liquid Black | Onyx

Panama fashion show for Bikini Beach Australia hamilton island

Ashley Castrellon | Alvaro Soto


Daydream Island Reversible Bikini in Dark Animale | Gunmetal 

Daydream Island Reversible Bikini BBA  

Joan Chiari | Litzy Del Cid | Alvaro Soto


Daydream Island Reversible Bikini in Pink Sea Serpent | Taffy


During our photowalk through Santa Ana, you could spot some of these pieces;

Hamilton Island Reversible Bikini in Frostbite | Ibiza Marble

Hamilton island Ibiza Marble print bba

Nathaly Noriega | Roberto Ordóñez


Bondi Beach Reversible Bikini in Wolf | Robin Egg

Bondi Beach Bikini Beach Aus

Maria Cecilia | Roberto Ordóñez


Pinky Beach Reversible Bikini in Flamingo | Tanned & Men's Leaf Trunks

mens and womens collection bikini beach australia

Amado Davis & Ashley Castrellon | Roberto Ordóñez


Hayman Island Reversible One Piece in Animale Glitterati | Frost

 Hayman Island Reversible one piece Bikini Beach Aus

Gabriella | Carlos Vicente


and the launch of the much-requested men’s collection, which can be seen in both the runway and the photowalk.


Bikini Beach Australia has made sure they made a big impression in the eyes of the Panamanian fashion industry, as well as their creatives, making sure they collaborate with local talent and exploring the city they’re in, merging it seamlessly to the adventurous, sexy and daring style they have offered since the beginning. In the end, the goal is for Bikini Beach to be available everywhere to everyone, and so far, Latin America has seen BBA in its full potential. 


Make sure you stay tuned to all of the future endeavors BBA embarks on LATAM, as well as checking out all the talent highlighted above, as we are sure to see them again creating amazing content alongside BBA!