See You In Miami? Bikini Beach Australia back at SwimShow

Every July for the past 5 years, you can find Bikini Beach Australia at SwimShow in Miami Beach, where the weather is hot & the swimwear is even hotter!

 We are always honored to be apart of a this premier global exhibition that spans over 60 countries worldwide. With this industry trade show, we are able to showcase our brand to a wide variety of industry heavyweights including buyers, press, manufacturers, stylists and the list goes on.

It’s a platform that continues to provide BBA with an experience and outreach that is worth every second; the networking at this event is insane! SwimShow takes great care and planning in order to present the very best of what both buyers and brands alike need.

You know where we’ll be next July! Where will you be? Book that ticket to Miami and come check out the show! Cheers BBA babes!