Celebrate Thanksgiving with Bikini Beach Aus

by Nicki Crozier

G’day Bikini Beach Australia mates & Happy Thanksgiving from America! Get ready; put on your favorite BBA bather, like my new ‘fave’, the Magnetic Island Bikini, put some prawns on the Barbie & let’s dive into this holiday celebrated by us here in the United States of America. In my current life, it consists of getting together with loved ones to share the day and of course, a delicious meal. For most Americans, Thanksgiving day means celebrating with family, counting our blessings, and maybe throwing the pigskin around. It’s the one day a year when some of our healthy eating habits go out the window, seconds are encouraged, and it’s totally acceptable to change into ‘comfy clothes’ before the meal for more room. :)

Mari PaezMagnetic Island 

The very first Thanksgiving took place in November 1621 & had more than 100 people in attendance. It also lasted 3 WHOLE DAYS! My kind of celebration! Historians believe that likely, there were footraces & marksmanship games alike that took place in between their meal of deer, turkey, geese, and other fowl. It was a celebration of the Pilgrims’ first successful harvest of corn and as a time of gathering the colony’s Native Americans. The second Thanksgiving didn’t take place until 1623, two years after the first was celebrated.

Our first president, George Washington proclaimed one of more days will be designated to the celebration in the year 1789. It wasn’t until 1863, during the Civil War,when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving a National holiday to be held in November. Franklin Delano Roosevelt or FDR attempted to move the holiday up one week during the Great Depression but was met by many people that opposed the idea and referred to his plan as Franksgiving. He stated that it was attempt to boost the economy during those dark times in the United States. In 1941 however, he signed a bill reluctantly making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday in November.

Today, over 90% of Americans take place in the observation of this holiday & its festivities. I, Nicki, propose that more people, including our Aussie mates, should celebrate! And don’t forget a great outfit like the Hayman Island One Piece & maybe a Resort Set for your transition from day into night. It’s an all-day affair! Cheers!