BBA hits Central Park Fashion Week for insight on NYC & Boutique Designers 


Follow us through Central Park Fashion Week and discover New York's latest in Fashion 



by Jessica Kelly 

Bikini Beach Australia is here at Central Park Fashion Week supporting emerging brands!  ATF Fashion House launched a showroom at The IBM Building btw 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue giving the opening for many smaller brands to showcase their talent on one of New York’s famous fashion district. ATF believes fashion should be accessible for all and that it is essential to speak to the story behind the artist.

As a female owned designer swimwear label, Bikini Beach Australia also believes in the passion and vision behind fashion. As our CEO and designer Alex Abraham can attest to, the journey to becoming a designer as well as the journey through life, speaks through the beautiful bikinis you see in our line. 

We met Las Alba, a small production of 2 sisters who combined their military and fashion backgrounds to create beautiful Italian leather bags repurposed military uniforms and leather and provide scholarships to low-income students interested in studying and/or doing research on mental health including PTSD to help veterans and their families. I don’t know about you but that is a hell of a brand mission!

D.C. based Designer and CEO of Inner Be Leaf, Savita Gilbert uses a pun on the word belief to connect self confidence with nature. As a company executive, she felt stifled by some of the dull styles women were expected to wear feeling they didn't foster creativity or celebrate uniqueness. Her motto is, “There’s a flower for every personality, a season for every mood and a landscape for every vision.”  She has some amazing watercolor prints we can’t wait to check out!!!

ATFH  is not only providing opportunities to smaller brands they are tackling the manufacturing end trying to solve what they call the biggest headache in fashion. They believe “Fashion Brands and Retailers need the MOST RELIABLE Manufacturers in order to grow efficiently and sustain expansion.” Looking forward to seeing what they do!