Bikini Beach Australia x Andrea Cisneros


by Roberto Ordoñez


Bikini Beach gets ready for LA Swim Week; taking the opportunity to showcase another creative during the process by utilizing her work at the largest swimwear fashion event in Los Angeles this June.  As always, BBA is committed to showcasing and collaborating with various partners in the fashion, music, and creative space while always staying true to their mission of bringing art, sensuality, and cutting edge swimwear to the world!

In this opportunity, BBA collaborated with Venezuelan-living-in-Panama artist Andrea Cisneros and her graffiti style adapted to her exclusive custom products called By Andrea Cisneros, which were showcased alongside some of the models for the runways at LASW.

Andrea’s customized headwear and apparel for BBA.

Exclusive headwear;


Tawny Jordan | Bella Model Management | New Bay of Fires Bikini  


Andrea, an upcoming artist in Panama, aims to showcase her art throughout various mediums her creativity, ranging from murals, canvases, and clothing. She is a bachelor's in Social Communication and has worked in the field, but by searching for other avenues she discovered this passion for art, that has gone hand-in-hand with her modeling, acting, and fashion design career. She has “dabbled” a little bit in everything fashion, ranging from jewelry and all sorts of fashion items. 

“It is so fascinating how art and fashion go hand in hand. Being able to bring these two together gives me a feeling of fulfillment, and there’s no better feeling like that on this earth” Andrea quoted when asked about what motivates her to work her craft with other artists industry professionals.


Phoebe Davis | Mesh Slip Dress Ibiza Marble 


“Working with BBA was a great opportunity, being able how my designs were showcased so perfectly alongside BBA’s beautiful bikinis was an amazing, astonishing experience. I’m so grateful to be able to witness my art travel to different places, and it transports me alongside them” Andrea added.


Kal Barbie | Trinity Beach Geo Giraffe | Caleb Chic 


And we happen to agree! Art transports us all to different places, as that is the goal, and we are glad because we aim to transport you to what makes you happy with our Bikinis. Whether it’s the beach, the pool on a sunny day, a yacht party, or going out in the evening, we want to be with you and be the perfect pair for your dreams!


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