by Jessica Kelly

Greetings from Miami Beach where our own Bikini Beach Australia founder and designer Alex Abraham is doing a partnership with Maragoni Fashion Institute to give Maragoni students hands on, real world experience with the fashion world.  This is perfect way to show fashion students the fast paced exciting world of the runway!

Miami Swim Week is the perfect showcase for our exciting, edgy swimwear line. I mean, have you seen Sexy Fish?  Even the restaurants are sexy in Miami!   The electric sexy vibe in Miami will give the Marangoni students exposure to a twist on haute couture. 

Marangoni is arguably the top fashion schools in Italy. Based in Milan, with branches in Florence, London, Paris, Shanghai, Mumbai, and you guessed it, Miami in the United States.  Their impact on the fashion industry cannot be underestimated.

Alex had the honor to speak to the future fashion generation of Marangoni about brand development and her journey of creating Bikini Beach Australia in July, and through her partnership with Marangoni, she will continue giving students real-world insight into the industry. "As an industry professional and entrepreneur I prefer to not sugar coat the fashion design experience.  You will have a raw, difficult, time consuming role when creating a designer label, let alone a fashion show and I want to show you the good and bad of how to run a label.  Resilience and believing in your craft is half the battle.  Failure doesnt exist; it is an opportunity to learn and perfect your creation. Never give up"

- Alex Abraham, Bikini Beach 

Enriched Studios was able to capture this unique experience, linking tech to fashion. This unique link between technology and fashion was captured by Enriched Studios – check out the vibe below! 

The exciting collaboration between Marangoni and Bikini Beach Australia will only grow; be on the lookout for more to come!