Southern California Heats up with Bikini Beach Australia's latest Store Stockist 

Find BBA's latest styles in Tropez Boutique 


by Roberto Ordóñez


Today we highlight another one of Bikini Beach Australia’s partnerships. Tropez Boutique is a unique and high-end fashion boutique located in Newport Beach, California. 

The store opened in 2007, founded by owner Monir Ghaneian, following her dream to bring upscale and unique designs to women. With her over 20 years of experience in the retail business, Monir has worked for exceptional and fashionable designer brands, whilst becoming a top sales partner and solidified her as an expert within the fashion retail business. Her fashion sense garners much respect in the industry. 

Monir’s passion for “dressing woman of all ages” is well known and reflected in the designers showcased in her boutique. Tadashi, Gizia, Rizal, Olivier Goureau and Premiere Knits are some of the brands that can be found, now alongside Bikini Beach Australia, in an expansion effort to offer more than just day and nighttime dresses. Tropez Boutique features an eclectic mix of accessories, dresses and beachwear for woman of all ages. With what you can find, the style is varied. Think: Business chic, contemporary, fanciful dresses for cocktail parties, breathtaking evening gowns with the occasional fine dresses and coats for little girls. 

The boutique not only serves as a retail store, but is often used as an event venue for fashion related events and parties. These events are often advertised in Tropez’s socials!

If you’re ever interested in a boutique carrying a meticulously curated collection of high end and high fashion dresses, bikinis, and accessories, make sure to stop in Newport Beach’s Tropez Boutique and don’t miss out on what they have to offer!