Whether you're relaxing under a beach umbrella or on a beach blanket, there are plenty of good reasons to find the perfect one-piece bikini that fits you. One-pieces are a flattering kind of swimwear and are suited for every occasion! Here’s all you need to know if you want to be a real beach babe on your next vacay! 


What are the different types of one-piece bikini designs?

But from all the swimwear you can buy, a One-Piece Bikini is definitely an essential for your swimwear wardrobe! Best known for the full coverage or their grandma look, there is something classy, sexy and comfy about one-piece. There are multiple types of one piece designs to choose from. If you choose right, the only grandma you will look like, is definitely not a boring one!

One Piece Deep V

If you love showing your cleavage, go for a Deep V one-piece. This type one one-piece is designed to show your plunging neckline and make you feel sexy. It can easily be worn as part of a night-out outfit, offering you comfort and style. The deep V one-piece is the way to go for all the beach babes who wants to show off for the summer!

Look at our Emeral Beach One Piece

One Piece Cut Out

Looking to add a little extra to your swimsuit game? Go for a cut out swimwear! These pieces are designed to show off your curves, and help you feel pretty and confident at the beach. Whatever is your vacay vibe, you will definitely find the right one-piece to make you embrace the beach babe in you. 

Look at our Hayman Island One Piece  

One Piece High 80s cut waist

The high waist cut is the perfect fit for those who want to feature a high leg fit and a little bit of your booty? Then, the One Piece High cut waist should be your new best friend for your next tropical adventure. While offering you the same support and comfort as a normal one-piece, this design has the little extra you need to slay all summer! 

Look at our Sorrento One Piece 

One Piece Reversible 

Reversible One-Piece is the secret weapon for all the beach babes who like to slay a different outfit every day. This one-piece design offers two different styles in one, for the same price. Don’t go broke before your next vacay, and go for a reversible one-piece swimsuit. 

Look at our Satellite Island One Piece  


Why choose a one-piece swimwear? 

One-Piece is an amazing product. They can easily be integrated into your outfit, whether you want to look classy, sexy or comfy. Choosing to wear a one-piece bikini is the way to go! Wanna look sexy for your night out? Go for a Deep V plunging neckline with cute skirt, and when the time comes, you’ll be the first in the water! 

A One-piece is essential. There is something classy about going for the one-piece look. Whichever design of swimwear you choose, from deep V or cut out,  is certain to bring all eyes on you this summer! 

Why choose Bikini Beach Australia for your One Piece Bikini? 

Bikini Beach Australia is a female-owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. All our products are inspired from our designer’s adventure. They are the translations of a woman’s experience across Australia, which is why our swimwear collections are named after amazing beaches and islands of paradise from Australia.  

Supporting a women-owned business is the right step toward gender equality! Our products are designed by women for women, suitable for all size and shape. By choosing to buy from us, you are not only promoting women’s entrepreneurship, but you are making a conscious choice for all women. 

Wanna look pretty and confident? Don’t worry, we got you covered ! You can count on Bikini Beach Australia for your next pool party with our amazing one piece bikini designs


How to properly take care of a one-piece swimsuit ? 

Quality women’s one-piece swimsuits require better care than fast-fashion bikinis. Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated! All you need is cold water, a little bit of fabric soap and here you go, you have a clean one piece bikini! It is highly advised to hand-wash your one-piece bikini to preserve the material, and to line dry it in the shade! 

What can I wear with my One Piece Bikini?

Women one-piece bikinis are perfect for layering up with other accessories. Whether it's with your favourite shorts on your way to the beach, or with a skirt or jeans for a night out, your one piece can be worn at any time, for any occasion. 

Wanna throw a swimsuit cover? Look at our Resort Set or our Sheer Mesh Resort Dress for a sexy beach vibe! Offered in three different colours, the Resort set is the perfect piece if you want to cover up, but not too much! 

How to accessorize your One Piece Bikini like a Celebrity? 

We are far from the days where wearing a one piece was meant to be boring! This season it’s all about the whole look. Here are a few ways to spice up your beachwear, to look like a beach babe! 


Who doesn’t need a little UV protection? Well, combine style and practicality by throwing a hat on with your One Piece swimwear!  Want a more glamorous vibe, go for a wide brim hat! If you want to go with a trendy look, wear a bucket hat. If you really wanna go all out, choose a bucket hat that matches your one piece! Althought, accessorizing doesn’t always mean to be extra! If you want to go for something a bit more basic, choose a baseball cap for a sportier look. 


You never go wrong with some jewelry. Whether they are bedazzling or subtle, there is always a fashion statement that can be made with jewelry. Wanna upgrade your plain one-piece, layer some necklaces and here you go! 


Who doesn’t love to mix and match with their swimsuits? Scarves are a classic summer accessory that are easy to wear with your one-piece. Accessorizing a scarf is an easy way to spice up your outfit, whether you wear it pulled back over your hair or use it to tie up your ponytail, you never go wrong, because scarves will always be trendy! 

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