Love Is In The Air


by Eleonora Fleishmann


We must thank the Ancient Romans for the love that continues to spread around, every year on the fourteenth of February. 

In its earlier conception, Valentine’s Day was the holiday of Lupercalia: focused on celebrating women’s fertility. Of course it was the French who modernize its conception in a Lovers’ Lottery: a day of notes exchanged in the hope of winning the loved one. Now, this is probably a bit more familiar to you. Fact is that since Roman times, Valentine’s Day continues to be a success.


Almost… everywhere in the world, Valentine’s Day is warm occasion in the cold of winter. 

But not for us Aussies!  Australia is a place of fun sunny love times on the beaches of Bikini Beach Australia!

Bikini Beach Australia bondi beach

Whitehaven Bikini - Bondi Beach 


The hot sun warms up everybody’s heart, and let’s be honest, on the fourteenth February whether you are with your best friends, your significant other or treating yourself; love is the mood of the month! 


We asked our BBA Babes what they prefer as Valentine’s Day gifts.


Top 3 responses:


  1. Roses, Roses, Red Roses


  1.  Chocolates, decadent, rich and wrapped in luxurious packaging


  1. Bikini’s, of course, what else!


Now, at BBA, we have several Best Sellers, but no doubt, our Sorrento Reversible One Piece is the style to have on Valentine’s Day.

Karolina Derpienski | Sorrento Red | Enriched Studios | Tone Def Visuals


It captures this holiday better than anything we can think of; it’s Sexy, Revealing, and Red, Red, Red!

If you are looking to pair your V Day Piece with jeans or a skirt try the Hamilton Island in Red or White!  Both versatile with Ready to Wear and always in the holiday mood. 


Ayuzza | Hamilton Red | Luis


Isabella Jones | Hamilton Island Frostbite | Aaron



Whatever you are doing this Valentine’s Day, we wish you a day filled with LOVE, may this come from yourself, others, or one special person who has your heart safely stored in a box.

From us to you… Happy Valentine’s Day!