Are you and your squad planning your next beach adventure ? It’s time for your summer vacation with your significant other? Or you are just looking for an excuse to make summer come faster! No worries, every reason is good when it comes to shopping for new bikini sets! Are you ready to step up your bikini game? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right bikini sets for your hot girl summer! 


What type of bikini bottom can I find?

The beauty in the swimwear industry is the number of possibilities available on the market is incredible. Today, you can find numerous designs of bikinis, and there are plenty of good options for those who hate shopping for swimwear. You can find below a couple suggestions of bikini bottom’s type available on the market. 


Whether you want to express your wild side or show your booty, the thong bikini bottom is a style that will make you happy. Super easy to match, thongs are the best option for those who want to say goodbye to bad tan lines while looking sexy. 

High waisted 

The high-waisted bikini is making an extreme comeback and not without reasons! The high-waisted bikini is designed to fall perfectly on your natural waistline. No matter your body type, high-waisted bikinis are the perfect bikini bottom options. Super comfortable and versatile, you will definitely find something that will make you feel pretty and confident! 

High Leg 

The high leg bikini bottom is the go-to style to show off your amazing curve. This stylish bikini bottom cut was made for the ambitious women who want to accentuate their bum with a cute high leg bikini bottom. You can match them with any top that makes you feel comfortable for a stylish and sexy poolside look. 

Why is a high-waisted bikini bottom one of the best options on the market? 

Great fit   

The high-waisted bikini bottom is the way to go for maximum comfort! It was designed to give more freedom in your movements, while ensuring it can be worn all day without any irritation or discomfort. Offering a better suited fit for women of all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to worry about little accidents: their designs are made to stay right where they are!

Amazing look 

The high-waisted bikini bottoms are meant to be flattering! This iconic look was championed by the famous Marilyn Monroe. Looking at these beautiful women, it is not hard to understand why high-waisted bikini bottoms are making a comeback today. They are an amazing option for all women who want to embrace their body, while also looking great by the poolside!


Since they are so comfortable and fit so well, many women have found themselves adopting these bottoms for more utility. It is an easy option for those who want to travel lightly, or want better coverage, or those who want better support like pregnant women.  Wearing high-waisted bikini bottoms is great for those who want to transition effortlessly from a beach look to an evening look, while still being able to pack lightly for the day.

Easy to find 

Because high-waisted bikini bottoms have made a successful comeback, you can now find a wide variety of different cuts, sizes, colours, and patterns. The variety of options that is offered with this product makes it a must-to for every woman. 

Easy to order

The versatility of high-waisted bikinis bottoms makes it pretty easy to order. If you are not sure what kind of bottom you should get, a high-waisted bikini bottom is the safest option to feel sexy, flattered and comfy! 


What type of bikini top can I find? 

Starting from the bottom now we're here! Once you have chosen your bikini bottoms, it is time to find the best top to complete your look. Let’s try something: imagine yourself lying on the beach or dancing by the pool side with your girls. What would be your perfect bikini tops? Good question? Here’s all you need to know to choose your next bikini top. 

Triangle bikini 

If you're a classic bikini kinda girl, then the triangle bikini top is your friend. This type of bikini top is really easy to match, and can be combined with pretty much any bottom. This is an easy and traditional option for any woman who wants to look cute and enjoy some support. 

Bandeau bikini

Tanning is your number one priority? Opting for a bandeau bikini top might be the right option for you. Super easy to match, bandeau bikinis are also great options when it's time to layer up for super or to walk across the beach. 

For our “strap free is the way to be” girls, Bikini Beach Australia has just what you need!

Halter bikini 

You are all for a little retro vibe? The halter bikini may just be the right thing for you! This type of top can easily be worn for your next beach volley tournament, or just to hangout by the poolside. It is easy to match and can be found in different colours and patterns. With its high neck style, it can also easily be worn with your favourite short on your next night out. 

How to choose a bikini set? 

Finding the right bikini sets can be one discouraging challenge. While most women want something comfortable, trendy and that does not cost an arm and a leg, it is also important to find a fit that will make you feel pretty and confident! You know what, it is possible! Whether you are a woman with a curvier frame or more athletic, every one of us can find a bikini set that will tick all these boxes! After all, it's all about choosing the right pieces! 

Best swimsuits for pear shapes

You are curvy at the bottom and smaller at the top? If your body type seems to correspond to this description, you are probably a pear shape. Women with this body type should look to balance their proportion by opting for plunging neckline or an eye-catching top and getting the coverage wanted for the bottom half. Finding a top that is eye-catching will draw the eye upward. 

Best swimsuits for a smaller bust

Would you say that your go-to is usually a B or A cup? Then you are probably a small bust type of girl! One perks of having a smaller bust is it requires less support, so you can opt for minimal coverage bikini tops. If you want to create a curvy illusion with your bust, you can look at triangle swimwear or you can go for halter tops or pushup to enhance your cleavage! 

If you don’t want to accentuate your bust, you can also go for bandeau or scoop tops, which are perfect for women who embrace their smaller breasts. 

Best swimsuits for large busts

Do you generally require more support up top? Your cleavage is not a problem? Whether you want to show off your great cleavage or want to minimize it, you should look at swimwear that will offer you good support. Bra-style bikini tops are a great option if you are looking for something more supportive. Bikini tops with higher backs are also a great option if you want to be comfortable while having extra support. 

Best swimsuits for curvy shape

You have a curvy frame and are wondering how to find the right bathing suits? Looking for something stylish, but also comfortable and supportive? The key is to highlight your curve by going for asymmetrical swimsuits or retro swimsuits like high-waisted bottoms. Asymmetrical swimsuits are eye-catching toward the neckline, and super sexy. 

Best swimsuits for athletic shape

You don’t have much curve and your body is more straight up? You should look to play with your curve by opting for less coverage to highlight your shape! Choose a bikini set with patterns or ruffles to enhance your smaller curve. You want to enhance your bottom for a bigger bum look, try a smaller bikini design! 

Best swimsuits for tummy concealing 

Would you say that you carry most of your weight in the middle? There are a number of swimsuits that can give you extra coverage if you don’t want to go for low-cut choices. A retro-inspired swimsuit with a high-waisted bottom is a good combination for those who want to show off while having a bit more coverage! These bikinis are super trendy, while also being super sexy and comfortable!

Here’s a few suggestions you can find on our website

Pear Shape

  1. Bondi Beach Bikini Set : The Deep V top offers the attraction desired on your top, while the high-waisted bottom offers the perfect coverage for any type of body. 

Small Bust 

  1. Pinky Beach Bikini Set: You don’t go wrong with a triangle bikini top! This type of bikini is perfect for women who don’t need a lot of support and want to create an illusion of curvy bust. 
  2. Airlie Beach Bikini Set: This bandeau type of swimwear is perfect for those who want to embrace their small bust and  tan without lines! 

Larger Bust 

  1. Daydream Island Bikini Set: This swimsuit is a great option for all women who want to look stylish while staying comfortable with something that offers a little extra support. 
  2. Hamilton Island Bikini Set: Perfect set to stay comfortable and sexy. Offered in different colours, this swimsuit set is perfect for women with larger bust who want to look like beach babe this summer. 

Curvy shape

  1. Shark Bay Bikini Set: This asymmetrical design is a great option for women with curvy shape who want to look sexy this summer. The design is made to bring attention to the neckline, while the bottom is there to offer some coverage while highlighting your amazing curve! 

Athletic shape

  1. Ocean Beach Bikini Set: The sea serpent pattern and the small bikini bottom design is the perfect sets  to show off your athletic body shape. 

Tummy concealing

  1. Byron Beach Bikini Set: You don’T go wrong with a large strappy bikini and a high-waisted bikini bottom!


Why is buying a bikini set from Bikini Beach Australia a conscious choice ? 

Bikini Beach Australia is a female-owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. All our products are inspired from our designer’s adventure. They are the translations of a woman’s experience across Australia, which is why all our swimwear are named after amazing beaches and islands of paradise from Australia.  

Supporting a women-owned business is the right step toward gender equality! Our products are designed by women for women, suitable for all size and shape. By choosing to buy from us, you are not only promoting women’s entrepreneurship, but you are making a conscious choice for all women. 

Wanna look pretty and confident? Don’t worry, we got you covered ! You can count on Bikini Beach Australia for your next pool party with our amazing bikini set designs.

How to buy bikini swimwear online? 

Online shopping has become the go-to for a lot of women, but it may come more challenging when it comes to swimwear. Here are a few tips on how to buy bikinis online.

  1. Know what you are looking for; thinking about what kind of swimwear you are looking at and for what you need is an important step to simplify your research. Read blogs about types of swimwear, or suggested brands, this will facilitate your research.  
  2. Have your measurements; Once you know your measurement, shopping online is so much easier! Most online shops have a size chart on their website to guide you in your choices of size. Find our size chart here
  3. Order the same swimwear in different sizes; If you are really unsure about the right fits for you, ordering different sizes may be a good idea. Make sure you read the return policy properly before doing that, otherwise you may have bad surprises! 
  4. Choose your company carefully; There are so many shops available for online shopping, but not all of them offer good online services. Be careful when you are choosing a retailer to buy from. Sometimes it is worth spending some time reading the reviews or doing a bit of research about the company before throwing yourself blindly into this company. 


How to take care of your bikini sets ? 

Quality women swimsuits require better care than those fast-fashioned bikinis. Don’t worry, there is nothing complicated! All you need is cold water and a little bit of fabric soap and here you go, with a clean bikini! It is highly advised to hand-wash your bikini sets to preserve the material, and to line dry it in the shade! 


Three ways to step up your poolside look, without effort

You want to complete your beach babe vibe to rock the poolside? Team up your bikini sets with some simple accessories, a kimono or your favorite hat and you’ll have upgraded your look from zero to ten. Whatever look you are going for, there are plenty of options to step up your hot girl summer game, with minimum effort included! Here’s important tips. 

Choose something that makes YOU feel confident;
Don’t be scared to try different things;
Don’t go over the top with accessories;

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