Netvrk is thrilled to announced their partnership with Bikini Beach, a leading swimwear label known for their taste for adventure. Netvrk is a multiverse on the blockchain that brings the Play to Earn model to life. The partnership will also feature photo shoots with Bikini Beach models, during the infamous Miami Swim Week.

Bikini Beach will bring their fashion into Netvrk’s virtual world, featuring a Bikini Beach storefront that sells both virtual and physical swimwear. The clothing designer will showcase the full capabilities of Netvrk’s e-commerce layer. Bikini Beach is run by it’s founder, Alex Abraham.

Alex Abraham, Founder of Bikini Beach, stated:

“We are thrilled to be launching our Miami Swim Week partnership with Netvrk. This project brings fashion to the digital space.”

Daniel Kennedy, Chief Marketing Officer of Netvrk, stated:

“We’re excited to partner with Bikini Beach and the founder Alex Abraham. In addition to swimsuits, their brand embodies the beachfront lifestyle that has captivated many. The merging of reality with virtual reality is very intriguing and we look forward to seeing it happen.”

Bikini Beach is a female owned designer swimwear label, founded on the shores of Bondi Beach. Their mission is to celebrate the female form; creating pieces that empower women through their self expression, style, sexuality and all aspects of their swim lifestyle. From Sydney to around the globe, Bikini Beach takes their passion for high quality swim and taste for adventure to a new level, with their VIP Babe partnership where crypto meets fashion. This project brings fashion influence to the digital space. We are thrilled to be launching our Miami Swim Week partnership with Netvrk. Come see what Bikini Beach ( has in store for South Beach.

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