Check out How These A-list Influencers and their Love for Bikini Beach Australia

The United States' top BBA Babes 

Take a Look at the international influencers and their fave places to shoot in USA 


by Roberto Ordonez 


To continue our trend towards international expansion; today we dive deeper into our international campaigns and highlight some of our favorite United States partnerships.  Alongside some of our amazing models, Bikini Beach has influencers and top ambassadors linked to our BBA Babe campaigns.   Over time these lovely ladies have become part of our identity and are proud to call themselves BBA Babes. These strong females have helped us send a message to multiple international markets while carrying Bikini Beach’s vision throughout several events, shoots, and media.


Over the years, these influencers have become close friends, whenever we’re in the vicinity, have an event, or pop up photoshoots campaigns you will always find our top models repping the line! During the last Miami Swim Week, we were able to work with some amazing BBA babes during our runway shows. 


Here are some of the girls behind BBA; check them out!


Jocelyn Binder a New York born and Miami based multi-featured model and actress 

Jocelyn Binder during Bikini Beach Aus miami swim week photoshoot 

Jocelyn Binder | Jonny Underwood | Hayman Island | Versace Mansion

Hayman Island Reversible One Piece in Sea Serpent 



Daniela Tablante   Actress, model, TV Host, and director 


Daniela Tablante | Jonny Underwood | Shark Bay | Versace Mansion 

Shark Bay Bikini in Liquid Silver Reversible



Jeana Turner former America’s Next Top Model contestant 

Jeana Turner

Jeana Turner | Getty Images | SLS South Beach |  Whitehaven Animale 


Whitehaven Bikini in Animale Reversible 



 Carolina Derpienski Internationally published model  

Caroline Derpienski | Smugmug | Shark Bay 



Being a part of our Bikini Beach family, our BBA babes are always ready to throw on a bikini and make them look amazing, whether it’s in sunny California, Florida, or NYC runways.  

Some other amazing BBA babes that are part of our family

Sicily Rose Los Angeles based model 

Sicily Rose wearing the Emerald Beach One piece

Sicily Rose | Jypsi Photography | Emerald Beach  

Emerald Beach One piece in Astral Reversible 



Avaryana Rose Florida Based actress & model 

Avaryana Rose wearing the Diamond Bay Bikini

 Avaryana Rose | Chirs Henrikson | Diamond Bay

Diamond Bay Bikini in Glitterati Reversible 



Kristina Renaud New York-based Italian & French model 


Kristina Renaud | Jonny Underwood | Versace Mansion | Ocean Beach 

Ocean Beach Bikini in Sea Serpent Reversible 



Yilena Hernandez Influencer, model , actress 

 Yilena Hernandez |  Jonny Underwood | Hamilton Island 

Wherever we are in the States; you will be sure to find BBA with our top models!  We love working with new fresh faces and finding BBA Babes who align with our message. So be sure to reach out on social or by email to join the BBA tribe! Bikini Beach Australia is always looking for good vibes, good people and to grow our BBA family.  Whether you are a beach or poolside lounger, ready for a photoshoot, or looking to find us on the catwalk, Bikini Beach is always proud of our BBA Babes and BBA family!