Bikini season is fast approaching, so it is time to start stocking up on this summer's latest trends. In order to look your best in your bikini this summer, it helps to know exactly how a bikini should fit. Many people have trouble finding the perfect bikini as they do not know the tips and tricks to find the most flattering swimsuit possible.

To help you avoid spending this summer season going around with bottoms that are too baggy, or bikini tops that are too tight, we created this handy guide to help you fully understand how a swimsuit should fit on your body. By following this bikini fitting guide, you can be certain that you’ll look ravishing. Remember, every body is a swimsuit body, so it's just about knowing how to work with what you’ve got.


How tight should a bikini fit?

How tight a bikini should be is all about finding balance. It should not be too tight or too loose. Too tight and you will be spilling out of it, whereas too big can have you looking like a baby in diapers. It’s essential to find the middle ground that works perfectly for you.

As a rule of thumb, you should think about how your favorite pair of underwear or lingerie fits you and work from there. At the end of the day, you want to be comfortable in your bikini so comfort is what you should be considering above all else. Of course, your personal style and the effect you are going for with your bikini or swimsuit will also dictate how tight your bikini should be.

People's body types play a big role in how tight the bikini will fit. It is therefore essential that you understand your body type and what is flattering on it to help you choose the best bikini style for you.

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How should bikini bottoms fit?

How a bikini bottom fits depends largely on the bottom style of the bikini you have. There are different styles of bikini bottoms, from hipsters to high waist cuts, and cheeky styles to boy shorts, all of which encourage a different fit.

Below are some of the most common bikini bottom types and the ideal way for them to fit your body:


The cheeky bikini bottom is one of the more revealing types of bikini so is not the perfect choice for everyone. However, it is not as drastic as some types of bikini bottoms, such as thongs. If you want to work up to something a bit more daring, a cheeky bikini bottom is a great stepping stone.

The fit of the cheeky bikini is very simple. To look good in a cheeky bikini, you first and foremost need to feel comfortable in it. This means it should not be too tight in your groin as this will not only be uncomfortable but could also cause irritation that will not be pleasant in the summer heat.

However, you do not want it to be too big as it will be baggy and start to sag around your bum, which is the opposite look you are trying to create with a pair of cheeky bikini bottoms. The best thing to do is to buy a pair which is not too tight that it hurts, but sits close to your skin, and that does not become baggy.

High Waisted 

Many high-waisted bikini bottoms produce the thong look, which is one of the most daring bikini looks you can go for. Whilst with most other bikini bottom styles, we don’t recommend buying a pair that rises up your bum, that is the aim with a pair of high-waisted thong bikini bottoms.

Most pairs of high-waisted bikinis are designed to be thongs, so you will not have to compromise on comfort by buying a tighter pair just to achieve the thong effect. You should follow many of the same generic bikini bottom buying techniques, as you do not want it to be too tight in your groin area as it will be uncomfortable.

Buying a bikini with high quality fabric is important if buying a thong bikini as the fitting style can feel inherently uncomfortable, so you want to ensure you are doing what you can to be as comfortable as possible.


Boyshorts are one of the least revealing styles of bikini bottoms. You should shop for boyshort bikini bottoms in the same way that you would shop for cycling shorts. Whilst you want them to be tight on your body, you obviously do not want them to be cutting off your blood circulation. Again, look for a happy medium when buying boyshorts. Find a pair that is not too tight but also not too loose, as you will lose the intended effect of the swimsuit.


Is it better to size up or down in swimsuits?

Swimsuits are designed to stretch, so we recommend either staying true to size, or sizing down. This is the case especially if you expect to be spending most of your summer in the water. It’s when bathing suits are submerged in water that they reach optimal stretch capacity, so you should account for that when buying them.

If you are more the type to spend your days lounging on the beach topping up your tan, you are not going to get the maximum stretch from your bikini. In these cases, we suggest sticking to your usual size as opposed to sizing down like those who spend a lot of their time in water. In this case, buy your bikinis like you would your underwear, as it is essentially the same concept.

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How do you know if your bikini is too small?

A bikini is too small if it feels uncomfortably tight. It is fairly easy to recognize whether or not your bikini is too small as it will obviously feel uncomfortable. If you sense hints that your typical movements are constrained by the bikini you are wearing, it may be the time to shop for a new swimsuit.

Alternatively, you can tell if your bikini top is too small if your boobs do not feel secure inside it. Just like with a bra, if your breasts are overfilling the bikini top, you will be able to easily notice it. Another great way to tell if your bikini is too small is by looking at the straps. If the straps are digging into your skin, it is probably too small for you.

Many bikinis today are made with adjustable string that can help you get a more accurate fit. Therefore, if your bikini feels like it fits perfectly everywhere else, but the straps feel tight, simply loosen the straps to achieve a better fit. This is one of the best styling hacks swimsuit designers have integrated into the modern bikini design.

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How do you know if your bikini is too big?

If your bikini is too baggy, it is obviously too big. When it comes to bikini bottoms, you want a snug fit around your bottom and waist/hips. Again, just like when shopping for underwear, it should be obvious whether or not your bikini bottoms are too big. Bikini tops should comfortably support rather than press or let loose.

Bikini tops tend to be trickier because many women are more inclined to go a size bigger to avoid the indents and lines that appear with tops that are too tight. The best shape test swimsuit wearers can do is see if the strap is sitting higher at the back than at the front. If it is, it is too big. Nevertheless, you can always turn this into an excuse to get together with your friends and help each other out!

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