Getting Ready for Spring Break - Bikini Beach Aus Style

S P R I N G B R E A K    L A N D E D    A T    A   

B E A C H    N E A R    Y O U



By Eleonora Fleischmann



It is no surprise that at Bikini Beach Australia we get excited about Spring Break. It is the perfect recipe for our bikinis to hop out of the drawers and warm up under the sun. 


Shark bay reversible bikini by bikini beach australia  

Sarah Durante in Shark Bay Reversible Bikini in Onyx | Clovelly New South Whales, Australia 



So, it is also no surprise that, as the summer winds up Down Under, we are at least a little bit jealous of our cousins across the Atlantic.


We can only dream of Life Guards and cabins …



Somewhere around South Beach, Florida USA. 


And we love to dream of our neighbors down under... while thinking of what we would be wearing, a little of this;

Arielle models for Bikini Beach Australia in the Coogee Beach

Arielle Spring in the Coogee Beach Palm Tree | Will Cameron | KiteKite Falls Aukland, New Zealand 




A little of that...

Alanis for bikini beach australia shoot in perth

Alanis Philpott in Emerald Beach Reversible One Piece Purple | Perth Western Australia 



If only we were so lucky to hop on a plane and fly as far as the eye can take us…. 


Wait… I can see it, it’s the Amalfi Coast, Italy


 rottnest island bikini in amalfi coast italy bikini beach australia

Maddie Neville in the Rottnest Island Reversible bikini in Stardust | Beckie G |

Costiera Amalfitana Campania, Italia 



What have you packed for your Spring Break?